Montessori Parent-Infant Facilitator Training

Friday, October 5th, 5 - 9 PM
Saturday, October 6th, 9 AM - 8 PM
Ananda Montessori

I am very excited to host this wonderful training, which is presented by Susan Tracy McDaniel, a Montessori teacher trainer and founder of Learning Together Education

Learning Together Education offers training and mentoring to assist you in starting a program in your or to support you in running an existing program.

If you want to make a life-changing difference for families in only a few hours per week, we hope you will consider creating a Parent-Infant program.

Our dream is to have this kind of support available to families in every community... that all parents would have access to the education they need to assist development and prevent problems.

Who should attend Parent-Infant Facilitator Training?
If you are interested in providing support to families while their children are still young, bring Parent-Infant to your area. Anyone interested in starting a program, or anyone already providing Parent-Infant classes, should attend.

Professionals working with children, including social workers, children's ministry leaders, physical therapists, caregivers, teachers/school administrators, even parents... learn how to offer Parent-Infant in your setting. Parent-Infant is an effective outreach to young families.

Parent-Infant is the BEST beginning!

Tuition includes the weekend training, unlimited use of the Parent Observation Journal for families in your program, parent education resources, recordings, and handouts. Training is followed by a year of mentoring, including monthly individual calls, also included with your tuition.

To find out more, including cost and registration, please go to

What is "wrong" with Misbehavior

I enjoyed this recent interview with Katie Switzer, from Guilt Free Families, as we considered and explored answers to this question....along with many opportunities found in the work of parenting.

Parent Discussion Group

Every fourth Monday evening, of every month, the parents of Ananda Montessori gather here to share observations, discuss topics relevant to their parenting, and to experience community.

I know of no other Montessori school or program in this area offering this essential resource. To support families on their unique journeys of Montessori, with an experienced mentor as their guide.

This is the Ananda Montessori difference.

Montessori from the Beginning

Come join me for this three-hour class, where you will learn more about the Montessori infant prepared environment after birth. Explore materials designed to support your child's exploration of the world through movement, communication, the senses, and discuss what is essential to the natural needs of your baby and your own self-care.