"Do I have to share?"

Monday, August 20, 2018

6 pm - 7:30 pm

Ananda Montessori

Join Pamela for a discussion on generosity in children, as compared to the practice of having to share. We will look at what supports the child's natural development of social awareness, as well as what might be getting in the way of this expression of empathy in the child. 

This class is for parents and teachers of children of all ages, because we will be looking at the long-term effects that our own attitudes, habits, and beliefs may have on children over time.

This is an adult-only event, and the cost is $10 pp, or $15 per couple; bring a friend!  You may pay via PayPal, by check made out to Pamela Green, or via cash. Reservations are greatly appreciated, so I know to expect you, and you can do so here.

What is "wrong" with Misbehavior

I enjoyed this recent interview with Katie Switzer, from Guilt Free Families, as we considered and explored answers to this question....along with many opportunities found in the work of parenting.

Parent Discussion Group

Every fourth Monday evening, of every month, the parents of Ananda Montessori gather here to share observations, discuss topics relevant to their parenting, and to experience community.

I know of no other Montessori school or program in this area offering this essential resource. To support families on their unique journeys of Montessori, with an experienced mentor as their guide.

This is the Ananda Montessori difference.

Montessori from the Beginning

Come join me for this three-hour class, where you will learn more about the Montessori infant prepared environment after birth. Explore materials designed to support your child's exploration of the world through movement, communication, the senses, and discuss what is essential to the natural needs of your baby and your own self-care.