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Montessori in the Home Consultation

To further assist you in your parenting and understanding of Montessori philosophy, these in-home visits allow me the opportunity to guide you in the creation of safe, loving, and supportive spaces for your child to be independent, involved, and to feel like an active and contributing member of your family.

During my initial visit, I will observe you and your family, while also taking a tour of your home to look at the layout and design of each room. I will primarily focus on four areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Common family gathering room
  • Your child’s bedroom
  • Area of self-care (bathroom)

We will then meet to discuss my observations, environmental plans, your desires, needs, and ultimate goals. My in-home visits are also opportunities to address any relationship/behavioral concerns you might be having with your child.

The ideal in-home consultation takes place in your home, however, if you live a distance away and would like this type of support, please leave me a message in the How can I help section below, and I will get back to you soon. Arrangements can be made for meeting via phone or video conferencing, or we can discuss travel possibilities for my visit.

All families enrolled in the Montessori Parent-Infant and Child Program receive a one-hour consultation in your home free of charge, as part of your enrollment package. 

"I have found Pamela's years of experience with children in a Montessori setting to be priceless. The way she interacts with little ones never ceases to amaze me. To me, she brings out 'the magic of the Montessori method' (as they say) - how she observes, meets the child where he/she is at, and acts out of respect for the child. Pamela really helped our family through the transition of our second daughter's arrival and how we worked with our three year old's experience of it"

                                                                           - Charlotte Reedy, Montessori in the Home client

Personal Consultation and Parenting Mentorship

When you’re a busy teacher or parent, it can be difficult to find time to receive the support you need, when you need it. With my confidential mentoring/consultations via phone or video conferencing, you can access insight and personalized assistance at a time that’s convenient for you.

This process offers guidance and relationship with you while on your unique journey of self-discovery and learning, whether in school or at home. I work with your intentions and inner preparation, which are key in responding to, and interacting with, the children you serve. Mentoring and consultation are valuable resources for questions you may have regarding your reactions to a child's behavior, and what may be getting in the way of a deeper connection with yourself and child, as well as support for your school's unique needs for growth.

"Pamela allowed me to lead in identifying an issue and used my thoughts as ways to consider it in greater detail in relation to my particular experience, before then subtly encouraging me to question aspects of the wider picture. In taking this approach, Pamela has been indispensable in my professional journey, as she has empowered me to believe in my own knowledge of child development and the works of Maria Montessori. 

I feel Pamela has taken this journey with me, and I would not be the Montessorian I am today without her gentle guidance and expertise. She draws from her extensive knowledge of the Montessori philosophy in which she stays true, and from her experience in working with children before and after birth. This is a very important aspect as it means she has great understanding of the early life and years of a child."

 - Harriet, United Kingdom   

Consultation and Courses

To find out more about my consultation services, as well as courses that I offer, click below.

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