My name is Pamela Green and I am the Founder and Directress of Ananda Montessori, and I chose the word Ananda because it means great joy or bliss, which to me expresses the natural state of the young child.

I am a mother of two grown sons, and both of my children attended Montessori school, so I have the wonderful experience of being a Montessori parent as well as a teacher. I am also a  Montessori consultant and mentor to parents, teachers, and schools. 

I have taught children and families for over 30 years, and during that time also served as Head of School in a private Montessori program for children from toddler through the eighth grade. I received my Montessori certification for preschool through kindergarten, and in Lower and Upper Elementary. During these years I facilitated monthly parent education programs, and discovered how much I love supporting families on their own Montessori parenting journeys.

In 1990, I began attending births as a birth doula and assistant home birth midwife, while also teaching childbirth education. I continue to be inspired by the families that I have the opportunity to support and serve. I bring what I know and practice as a Montessorian to these precious and profound experiences, and find this to be a natural extension of my work.

In 2013, I left the classroom to begin graduate studies in Montessori, including the Montessori philosophy as it applies to pregnancy and birth, and the young child up through age three. To further my studies, I trained as a Montessori Parent-Infant Facilitator and I now offer this rich, fun, and empowering parent education experience to children and families.

As well as my work in Montessori, I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and offer workshops and groups for parents and caregivers. In the process of this approach to parenting, you discover non-punitive tools for responding to your child, which brings about connection, empowerment, and encouragement for the whole family.

Interview with Pamela Green, from The Baan Dek Montessori, which includes links to another interview and my upcoming events. Enjoy!

"Pamela Green is the personification of the Montessori philosophy. 
Her gentle way with children is a model of respect and peace practice. I've seen her guide students in a creative way without them feeling criticized and always feeling valued. I consider myself fortunate to know her and have worked with her on many occasions over the last decade. 
She brings a wealth of experience with children and child development and is a great asset to any school or organization, making the world a better place." 
In peace, Jim Scott Musician, composer, educator