Welcome to Ananda Montessori 

My name is Pamela Green, and I offer the first and only Montessori Playgroup in Northwestern Pennsylvania. A nurturing and calm environment where you and your child can explore and learn, in classes specific to your child's individual needs. My program is located in the beautiful town of North East, just outside of Erie, Pennsylvania. Ananda Montessori is open year round, allowing families to attend during the summer months when schedules may be more flexible for some parents and children. The schedule on the Montessori Playgroup page applies to the full year.   

The Difference 

Have you been searching for a place that welcomes you as a parent, where you can be guided and mentored alongside your child, by an experienced educator? Where you receive personal support for your work as your child's first teacher? Each of my services involves parent participation and education. From the very beginning, during your pregnancy, I invite you to learn ways to connect to your child, preparing your inner and outer environments with intention, for the arrival of your newborn. During this process I am available to assist you, bringing my experience in ways to enrich and strengthen your unique journey as parents.

From birth to age five in the Montessori Playgroup classes, we explore the teachings and principles of Maria Montessori. The purpose of this program is experiential; you observe your child and other children in an environment that invites natural exploration and supports child development.

You also observe me as I engage your child in activities and lessons. A second part of this program is a parent discussion group, which helps to build understanding, respect and community.

In addition to my Montessori classes, I offer personal mentorship and consultations, as well as Positive Discipline Parenting workshops and groups. This parenting approach offers effective ways to encourage your child, while also providing many opportunities to learn the underlying motivations of your child's behavior and the role you play in influencing your relationship together. 

What I Offer 

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Parenting with Positive Discipline
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