Online Summer Course Live Chat

Join Meridian Learning, and Pamela Green as we host a live lunchtime chat to launch our online summer courses, How to Start a Microschool and Teacherpreneurship 101. This event is open to presenters, participants and the general public. It should be fun and informative, and I hope to see you this Friday, August 11th at noon

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The Montessori Show

It was an absolute joy to join Jeanne-Marie Paynel and Simone Davies on this month's show. I loved being with these two lovely, wise, and exceptional friends, and sharing a bit about myself, my views on birth, parenting, and my Montessori journey.

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Montessori for Expectant Parents

I am excited to announce that this will be shared in our New Ananda Montessori Space!  Coming Soon!

Would you like to learn ways to connect and communicate with your unborn child, as well as understand the sensory-rich life your child experiences prior to birth?  Are you wanting to prepare and create an inner and outer environment based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori , which includes preparation in relaxation and practices to enrich your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experiences?

Do you want to create an environment of ambiance for your labor and birth which supports a gentle, respectful and collaborative approach to your birthing experience; one that keeps you and your baby at the center of this transformational and sacred process?

And, would you like to learn more about the Montessori infant prepared environment after birth; materials to support your child's exploration of the world through movement, communication, the senses, the symbiotic period after birth, and much more!