Welcome to Ananda Montessori 

My name is Pamela Green, and I offer a variety of services and resources to mentor and guide families who are traveling their own unique paths in parenting. My program, located in the town of North East, Pennsylvania, is the first of its kind here and in the surrounding areas.

The Difference 

Each of my services involves parent participation and education. From the very beginning, during your pregnancy, I invite you to learn ways to connect to your child, preparing your inner and outer environments with intention, for the arrival of your newborn. During this process I am available to assist you, bringing my experience in ways to enrich and strengthen your exploration and discoveries as parents.

From birth to age three in the Montessori Parent-Infant and Child Program, we will explore the teachings and principles of Maria Montessori. The purpose of this program is experiential; you observe your child and other children in an environment that invites natural exploration and supports child development.

You also observe me as I engage your child in activities and lessons. A key aspect of this program is a parent discussion group, which helps to build understanding, respect and community.

Another resource of support that I provide is Montessori in the Home Consultation, which assists you in setting up a purposeful environment to support your child in each phase of development.

What I Offer 

  • Montessori Parent-Infant and Child Classes, an 8-Week Series
  • Pre-Birth Education, a 4-Week Series

  • Birth Doula Services
  • Montessori in the Home Consultation
  • One on One Consultation

Please click on the Services button to learn more, and Contact Me so we can talk about the ways that I can help you. You can reach me by phone, email, or via the Contact Form.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

                                      One on One Consultation

Because of the variety of services I offer, your options for individual support can include
preparation for the birth of your child; birthing preferences/planning, doula counseling, and parenting guidance.

Your first 25 minute consultation via phone or Skype is free,

and you can share your particular needs and a time that is convenient for us

to talk, by clicking on the above links.